Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Substitute Radio Show

The Substitute Radio Show
Playlist for Thursday, April 10th, 2008 (HTR Fill-In 1430-1700)


Rock/Punk/Metal Set
The Clash "Guns of Brixton"
Metallica "Orion"
Rollins Band "Starve"
Pat Boone "Panama"
Ozzy Osbourne "No More Tears (Album Version)"
Fear Factory "I Will Follow"
The Ramones "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment"
Nine Inch Nails "Closer"
Red Hot Chili Peppers "Under the Bridge"
Soundgarden "Black Hole Sun"
Rammstein "Keine Lust"
Presidents of the United States of America "Lump"
Stone Temple Pilots "Interstate Love Song"
311 "You Wouldn't Believe"
Inxs "Original Sin"
Led Zeppelin "Immigrant Song"
Alice in Chains "Down in a Hole"
Alice Cooper "Billion Dollar Babies"
Papa Roach "Binge"

Electronic/Dance Set
Information Society "I Like the Way You Work It (Jr Kain and Anvy Remix)"
Herbie Hancock "Rockit"
Zoomzip vs da gold "Where it at"
Afrika Baambata/Soulsonic Force/Zulu Nation "Planet Rock"
Basement Jaxx "Romeo"
Filter "Take a Picture (Remix)"
Xorcist "Crush (Garbage Remix)"
The Prodigy "Breathe"
Korn "Word Up"
David Bowie "Let's Dance"
Peter Gabriel "Shock the Monkey"
Green Velvet "La La Land"

The Substitute Radio Show

The Substitute Radio Show
Playlist for Thursday, April 10th, 2008 (0300-0630)

"NEW" Tunes
Dream Theater "Constant Motion"
Sonic Chicken 4 "I Had too Much (to drink last night)"
Steve Lieberman "Sex Whore"
Jim Schultz "NY giants 2008 superbowl victory song"
The YMD "New Direction"
Cavalera Conspiracy "Terrorize"
Bauhaus "Too Much 21st Century"
Anarchy Club "A Single Drop of Blood (The Gentleman)"
Bloodysnowman "Drug wreck (clipd beaks remix)"
The Dirtbombs "Leopardman at C&A"
The Black Keys "I Got Mine"
Calvin Yorks "Blood and Roses"
The Pharmacy "Black Ince Cream"
Presidents of the USA "Truckstop Butterfly"
Clinic "Shopping Bag"

Not "NEW" Tunes
Immortal Technique/Mos Def/Eminem Produced by DJ Greenlantern "Bin Laden"
Wesley Willis "Oprah Winfrey"
insane Poetry "Six in the chamber"
Otan Vargas "Nutshell"
Tool vs David Bowie (mash-up by totom) "Sunday Disposition"
Phobia "Ignorant Americans"
Cheech "Mexican Americans"
Pop Will Eat Itself "Token Drug Song"
Penal Colony "Freemasons of Enochian Magic (Frontline Assembly Mix)"
Monster Magnet "Space Lord"
Alice Cooper "Poison (Live)"
George Clinton "Atomic Dog"
G-dsmack "Keep Away"
matt b "intro" (off transformers album)
Blue Man Group "Above"
David Bowie "Thursday's Child" (5am theme)
Kinks "Father Christmas"
Black Sabbath "War Pigs"
Rocky Horror Picture Show "Time Warp"
Led Zeppelin "Since I Been Loving You"
Sex Pistols "No Feelings"
Falco "Junge Roemer"
AC/DC "Highway to Hell"
Basement Jaxx "Red Alert"
Rick James "I Love Mary Jane"
Jerry Cantrell "Give it a Name"
RHCP "My Friends"
Biz Markie "Just a Friend"
Fear Factory "Contagion"
Johnny Cash "Give my Love to Rose"
Frank Sinatra "My Way" (closing theme)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The outer Library - Fill-In 4/7/2008 3am-630am

"NEW" Tunes
Cavalera Conspiracy "Hex"
Gipsy C.Z. "Tecka"
Neon Neon "Michael Douglas"
The Raconteurs "Salute Your Solution"
Guillermo Sexo "Under Stars"
Mochipet "We Put it Down"
The B-52s "Keep This Party Going"
Clinic "Corpus Christi"
Divasonic "Tick Tick Boom"
Cassettes Won't Listen "Metronomes"
Bauhaus "Endless Summer of the Damned"
New Bloods "Tree"
Boys Noize "My Head (Remix)"

Not "NEW" Tunes
Arsonists "Backdraft"
Beastie Boys "So Whatcha Want"
Digital Underground "Humpty Dance"
Cypress Hill "Get Out of My Head"
Alice Cooper "Only Women Bleed (Live)"
Zoomzip vs da gold "Where it at"
Sublime "Wrong Way"
Frank Zappa "Valley Girl"
Phobia "Spree of Violence"
Tool "Jimmy"
Rob Zombie "Never Gonna Stop"
Tears for Fears "Shout"
David Bowie "All The Young Dudes"
Scarface "No tears"
Vanilla Ice "Survivor"
GG Allin "Dead or Alive"
Garbage "Stupid Girl"
The Doors "When the Music's Over"

Tomita "Snowflakes are Dancing" (Music of Debussy) - Entire 33" LP (1974) Played:
Gardens in the Rain
Clair de Lune
Arabesque No.1
The Engulfed Cathedral
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair
Golliwog's Cakewalk
Footprints in the Snow
Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

It Dies Today "Enjoy the Silence"
David Bowie "Thursday's Child [Radio Edit]"
Johnny Cash "Hurt"
The Clash "Rock the Casbah"
Frank Sinatra "My Way"

28% "NEW" Music played this Show

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

The Substitute Radio Show
Thursday, April 3rd, 2008 (0300-0630)

"NEW" Tunes
Calvin Harris "The Girls (Bomb Squad Mix)"
Everyday Prophets "Flinch"
Hel Toro "Steady Eddie (...Goes off-roading)"
Anarchy Club "No You Don't"
Dave Gahan "Kingdom (Digitalism Remix)"
The Dirtbombs "Wreck my Flow"
End The Stars "Track 1" (no track listing)
Cavalera Conspiracy "Inflikted"
Cadence Weapon "Limited edition oj slammer"
Crystal Castles "Xxzxcuzx Me"
Steve Lieberman "Public Suicide"
The Better Beatles "I'm Down"

Not "NEW" Tunes
Insane Poetry "Any Given Monday"
Midnight Oil "Beds are Burning"
Pink Floyd "Money"
SX10 "Caught Up in the System"
Gorod "Here Die Your G-ds"
RA The Rugged Man "Chains"
DMX "Where My Dogs At"
Cypress Hill "I Wanna Get High"
ODB "Baby I Got Your Money (Ill Cosby's Ghost Remix)"
Tool "Jambi"
Motorhead "Overkill (Live)"
Metallica "Eye of the Beholder"
David Bowie "Thursday's Child"
Stone Temple Pilots "Dancing Days"
Tool "Disposition"
Rammstein "Bestrafe Meich"
Rammstein "Dalai Lama"
Twisted Sister "Horror-teria" (Parts A & B)
Jerry Cantrell "Bargain-Basement Howard Hughes"
Soundgarden "Head Down"
The Ramones "Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio"
Rush "Working Man"
Alice Cooper "Is It My Body"
R.E.M. "Bang and Blame"
zoomzip vs da gold "where it at"
The Sex Pistols "G-d Save the Queen"
Black Flag "My War"
Charles Manson "Don't Do Anything Illegal"
Frank Sinatra "My Way"

29% "NEW" music played this show!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

The Substitute Radio Show
Thursday, March 27th, 2008 (0300-0630)


Gipsy CZ "Welcome to Prague"
Papierschale Steuereinheit "I Need Help" X
The YMD "Stockton to Malone"
Paparazzi Whore "Fake"
65 Days of Static "This Cat is a Landmine"
Free Form Funky Freqs "Don Cheadle"
Urbansnake "8 Feet Tall 6 Feet Wide"
Crystal Castles "Magic Spells"
Bloodysnowman "Phreshis Moments - deadraver (drugs for
Emigrate "New York City"
Cavalera Conspiracy "Nevertrust"
Everyday Prophets "Lazerbeam"
Ghostland Observatory "Club Soda"
Steve Lieberman "A Girl For Everybody But Me"
B-52s "Pump"

Insane Poetry "How Ya Gonna Reason With a Psycho"
Garbage "Crush (Xorcist Remix)"
Orbital "Doctor Who Remix"
Red Hot Chili Peppers "Suck My Kiss"
The RZA "Flying Birds"
Baron Zen "Fuckin Bored"
Control Machete "Si Senor"
Metallica "To Live is to Die"
RA The Rugged Man "Chains"
Rage Against the Machine "Bulls on Parade"
Klaus Nomi "Simple Man"
The Beastie Boys "An Open Letter to NYC"
Electric Six "Danger! High Voltage"
Barnes & Barnes "Fish Heads"
Twisted Sister "I Wanna Rock"
Santana "Oye Como Va"
The Clash "Should I Stay or Should I Go"
Kool Mo Dee "I Go to Work"
Disturbed "Land of Confusion"
Led Zeppelin "When The Levee Breaks"
Hank Williams Sr "Settin' the Woods on Fire"
Stone Temple Pilots "Plush (Live Acoustic)"
Johnny Cash "When the Man Comes Around (Early Take)"
The 3 Stooges "Play a Simple Melody"
The Ramones "Glad to See You Go"
Def Leppard "Pour Some Sugar on Me"
Red Hot Chili Peppers "Soul to Squeeze"
Ozzy Osbourne "No More Tears"
Drowning Pool "Bodies"
Frank Sinatra "My Way"


Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Substitute Radio Show

The Substitute Radio Show

Playlist for Thursday, March 20, 2008 (0300-0630)

Boys Noize "& Down"
Mystery Palace "Stepchild"
Ungdomskulen "Modern Drummer"
B-52s "Love in the Year 3000"
Gipsy CZ "Multin"
The Trews "Dart Highway"
Presidents of the USA "Ghosts are Everywhere"
Cavalera Conspiracy "Hex"
Urbansnake "Blow Shit Up"
Cadence Weapon "House Music"
Moby "Alice (Drop the Lime/Heavy Bass Mix)"
Fidgital "We Lost the Signal"
Munk "i am"
The Kills "M.E.X.I.C.O."
Crystal Castles "Crimewave (CC vs Health)"
Mostly Bears "Airports"
Nevereven "Midnight"

Borat Theme
Necro "No Remorse"
Biggie "Unbelievable"
Ghost in the Machine "Revolution"
Sublime "Smoke 2 Joints"
Rammstein "Tier"
Phobia "Get the Fuck Out"
Alice in Chains "Killer is Me (Unplugged)"
William Shatner "That's Me Trying"
311 "Come Original"
The Clash "Ghetto Defendant"
GG Allin "Dead or Alive"
Phobia "Death to False Punks"
Prodigy "Smack My Bitch Up"
Pink Floyd "Dogs"
Chuck Berry "Never Can Tell"
Jethro Tull "Aqualung"
Beck "Derelict"
David Bowie "Sound and Vision"
Fear Factory "Human Shields"
Black Sabbath "Supernaut"
Audioslave "Exploder"
Soundgarden "4th of July"
The Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop"
Alice Cooper "Muscle of Love"
Presidents of the USA "Boll Weevill"
Alice in Chains "I Can't Remember"
Moby "Spiders"
Frank Sinatra "My Way"

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Sub/Rad Playlist
Thursday, March 13th, 2008 (3am-6:30am)

34% new music played this show

NEW! M.I.A. "Paper Planes (Diplo Street Remix)"
NEW! Hel Toro "Holes Up"
NEW! The YMD "New Direction"
NEW! Cadence Weapon "Real Estate"
NEW! Why? "The Hollows"
NEW! Elf Power "Fried Out"
NEW! The Dirtbombs "Sherlock Holmes"
NEW! What Made Milawaukee Famous "Blood, Sweat and Fears"
NEW! Steve Lieberman "Wish You Were Here"
NEW! The Libertines "What a Waster"
NEW! Cavalera Conspiracy "Black Ark"
NEW! Anarchy Club "Collide"
NEW! State Radio "C.I.A."
NEW! Bloodysnowman "Bloodysnowman-happy fun time"
NEW! Air Traffic "Never Even Told Me Her Name"
Chubb Rock "treat em right"
Alice in Chains "junkhead"
"King of beast" (off "machines & noise" compilation)
Baron Zen "Shoes"
Vanilla Ice "Hate"
Tool "H."
Tool "Sober"
garbage "milk"
Fear factory "securitron (police state 2000)"
metallica "master of puppets (live)" off s&m
The Offspring "What Happened to you?"
The Clash "This is Radio Clash"
Foreigner "Urgent"
David Bowie "space oddity"
Prince "Let's go crazy"
U2 "Sweetest Thing"
Information Society "I Like the Way You Werk It (Jr Kain/Electro Roots Mix)"
Duran Duran "rio"
Inxs "Need you Tonight"
UB40 "Don't Break My Heart"
zoomzip vs da gold "where it at?"
Billie Holliday "I'm Gonna Lock my heart..." (remixed & reimagined)
Al Green "Can't get next to you"
Fiona Apple "Criminal"
Rammstein "Stein um stein"
Alice Cooper "Billion Dollar Babies"
Peter Gabriel "Sledgehammer"
Black Sabbath "Electric Funeral"
Stone Temple Pilots "Tripping on a hole in a paper heart"