Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The outer Library - Fill-In 4/7/2008 3am-630am

"NEW" Tunes
Cavalera Conspiracy "Hex"
Gipsy C.Z. "Tecka"
Neon Neon "Michael Douglas"
The Raconteurs "Salute Your Solution"
Guillermo Sexo "Under Stars"
Mochipet "We Put it Down"
The B-52s "Keep This Party Going"
Clinic "Corpus Christi"
Divasonic "Tick Tick Boom"
Cassettes Won't Listen "Metronomes"
Bauhaus "Endless Summer of the Damned"
New Bloods "Tree"
Boys Noize "My Head (Remix)"

Not "NEW" Tunes
Arsonists "Backdraft"
Beastie Boys "So Whatcha Want"
Digital Underground "Humpty Dance"
Cypress Hill "Get Out of My Head"
Alice Cooper "Only Women Bleed (Live)"
Zoomzip vs da gold "Where it at"
Sublime "Wrong Way"
Frank Zappa "Valley Girl"
Phobia "Spree of Violence"
Tool "Jimmy"
Rob Zombie "Never Gonna Stop"
Tears for Fears "Shout"
David Bowie "All The Young Dudes"
Scarface "No tears"
Vanilla Ice "Survivor"
GG Allin "Dead or Alive"
Garbage "Stupid Girl"
The Doors "When the Music's Over"

Tomita "Snowflakes are Dancing" (Music of Debussy) - Entire 33" LP (1974) Played:
Gardens in the Rain
Clair de Lune
Arabesque No.1
The Engulfed Cathedral
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair
Golliwog's Cakewalk
Footprints in the Snow
Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

It Dies Today "Enjoy the Silence"
David Bowie "Thursday's Child [Radio Edit]"
Johnny Cash "Hurt"
The Clash "Rock the Casbah"
Frank Sinatra "My Way"

28% "NEW" Music played this Show

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